WICUA Oral & Practical Assessment

Year 3: Aspirants are required to pass all of the above Examinations and attend a minimum of 75% of training sessions from January to April at any of the regional training centers in USA to qualify for the following assessments that are considered to be the final phase becoming a Fully Certified Umpire of USACUA (and, by extension, of WICUA).

  • WICUA Practical Assessments (April to September): Aspirants are required to be assessed for 6 x One-Day Matches (40 Overs/50 Overs) or 12 x T20 Matches. Only assessors designated by USACUA are qualified to assess aspirants. Each assessor may assess a candidate for not more than 2 x One-Day Matches (40 Overs/50 Overs) or 4 x T20 Matches. The average score from combined practical assessments shall carry 60% weight towards the final score.
  • WICUA Oral Assessments (November): The oral assessment shall carry 40% weight towards the final score.

Aspirants that scored 80% in the assessments are deemed successful and will receive certificate from WICUA.